Jurnal Masyarakat Negeri Rokania (JMNR) is a journal published by the Technologi Information Education Departement of Education STKIP Rokania, ISSN ..........(Print) & ISSN ................ (Online), and was first published in December 2019. Jurnal Masyarakat Negeri Rokania (JMNR), aims to disseminate the results of conceptual thinking and ideas, especially the results of educational research and technology to be realized in the community, including: (1) Fields of science, applied, social, economic, cultural, ICT development, and administrative services, (2) Training and improvement in the results of educational, agricultural, information and communication, and religious technology (3) Teaching and empowering communities and communities of students, youth, youth and community organizations on an ongoing basis. JMNR is published twice a year, June and December